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XC40 T4 AWD R-Design on order

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Ordered a T4 AWD about a month ago, still 17 weeks of wait left (june). It will be produced as a 2019 model, I think that's why the wait is so long.
More or less fully loaded, all packages and some other goodies.

Would be fun to see pictures of your XC40:s if they are delivered before mine.


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Welcome to the waiting line..
Congrats man, welcome to the forum. Had the chance to sit in the R Design at the CIAS and I was pretty blown away by it. It'll be well worth the wait.
I ordered and R Design back in February and beyond an order confirmation I have heard nothing. No delivery date, nothing. Frustrated!
Same here ordered last year October a MY19 so this will start building week 17. Dealer send order to factory but still no word about delivery date..

But there are problems with the R-Design orders (too much orders).. and also the option FULL LED..
Officially still no word about the delays only inside info from the factory in Ghent.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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