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XC40 R Design Care by Volvo Progress

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Hello everyone!

I was thinking I had waited a long time but then I read several posts here. I'm sorry for the delays but I thought I'd share my progress in case it helps anyone. Note that this is specific to the Care by Volvo program.

April 3: Placed order for R Design (Osmium Grey Metallic) through Volvo website
April 4: Confirmed order with my local Volvo dealer
May 10: Received VIN and notice that car had been built and was awaiting shipping
June 5: Received request to complete Insurance application via Liberty Mutual
June 11: Received request to verify monthly payment (I see the price has gone up about $40 per month since I ordered mine
June 12: Email received requesting I complete credit application
June 12: Received notice of credit approval
June 21: Notice Volvo was in transit to my local dealer
June 23: Call from local dealer stating Volvo would arrive the following week... confirmed a few add-ons (all weather mats, etc.) and scheduled date/time for me to pick up the car.
June 30: If all goes well, I'll be picking up the XC40

Thanks and good luck to everyone with their orders!
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