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Hi guys , so lately I've been having some troubles with my clutch as it was slipping non-stop and just being a hassle all around. I've been looking for some shops around me that could do the clutch change and all the different stuff needed but they're waay to overpriced for my budget right now and I need my car asap. A friend told me he knows a guy and that they could work together because he is used with Volvos pretty much so I would just need to find the clutch kit and all the other things needed. I looked on because it's kinda the only site I know and also a friend recommended me but I don't know how and for how much they ship overseas and all that. Any other suppliers would be a godsend because I'm really in a hurry to get it running well again. Thanks a lot!
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I took a stone in the windshield of my XC40. It ran half way across the windshield. That was October 2. I have been told that the windshield for my XC40 is on backorder and that it should be available after November 1st. I am assuming that all windshields being produced are going to the line in Ghent, Belgium. I am happy for the success of this car. I do however think that a windshield which to some degree affects visibility and therefore safety should be available in less than 4 weeks. Help! What can I do about this?
Great mine was drivable but took 3 months and 3 windshields to get fixed for good, 1st one came in shattered, 2nd had bent brackets. 3rd one no problem.....
Took a rock in my windshield this week that extended a crack 6-8 inches before I could get to the repair shop the next morning. Being not repairable, I stopped by the dealer to get a replacement ordered and it arrived within two business days. Should be installed next week.
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