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XC40 Owned Less than 7 days - Entertainment Failed

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Just picked up my new XC40 last Saturday in USA. First time Volvo buyer so I was very unhappy when the error display came on and the car wanted me to take it in for service. The entertainment system had an error and the dashboard display between the speedometer and Tachometer was not working. The buttons on the right side of the steering wheel were not responding with Audio, Call or Navigation related menu items after pressing the right arrow.

Called sales person, talked to service at the dealership. Took it into different dealership and they are going to take a look.

Is this normal Volvo quality?

Has anyone else seen this type of problem? :sad

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Sorry to hear this. I hope it's a fluke. I'm hoping to be a first time Volvo owner too, placed a Care order for an R Design. I believe Volvo is made well but while it is designed in Sweden the XC40 is made in Belgium with parts from all over the world. It's a new platform with high demand and pressure to ramp up the production so there may be some unexpected growth pains. Let us know updates on your experience.
Sounds like a one off software issue and certainly not any indication of what to expect from the brand. Sorry to see this happen on such a new car, but once it's been resolved I'd imagine you'll be back to enjoying it. Keep us posted on what the problem was and what the dealer had to do to fix it.
The Joys of Early Adopters

Hope they didn't send the XC40 out with beta software and we get to fix it. Do post on how the problem is resolved and how you are treated.Not too late for some of us to cancel the deposit. For the price and the reputation of Volvo I expect things to work well, at least for a while.
Update on Entertainment Failed in USA within 7 days


Took about a week but I just got my XC40 back. I've not been able to reproduce the issue. They did not take the dashboard apart or make any physical changes to investigate the root cause or resolve the issue. A new software release came out while the car was in for investigation of issue so they updated the software ( I believe in multiple on-board computers in the XC40) and gave it back to me.

I did notice that the Yelp app would now load properly so there are probably some other fixes in the new software not related to just the potential fix of my problem. Is there a chance that they de-featured the dashboard to work around issues with communications between the dashboard and entertainment? I swear I used to be able to select different SiriusXM Radio stations just by using the buttons on the steering wheel. I don't know I only originally had the car for a few days before it threw an error and service instructed me to take the car to my nearest Volvo dealer.

I'll post again perhaps with photos of the problem if I can get it to happen again.

Still frustrated by the initial quality of the Volvo XC40...:|
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