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So I bought a Volvo XC40 from the official agents in Sri Lanka 9 months ago (Volvo cars Sri Lanka). The vehicle was superb but about 5 months after buying a recurrent error message saying 'ESC Service required' came up almost all the time. After contacting the dealers over here they said to bring the vehicle to them for an inspection. However nothing came up and they dismissed it as a small bug in the software. The same problem came once again and after that and I went to the dealers again and they said they 'updated the system software and now it should be fine'. But unluckily the same problem came up again but this time it was worse, more error messages as well as warning signs such as ' ABS/ESC temporarily off , suspension failure please stop the vehicle safely , blind spot detection not responding , headlamps unavailable' were coming up recurrently (Even though there were working just fine). But cruise control stopped working on the highway and after the 'suspension failure please stop vehicle safely' warning the steering tightens up, once I kill the engine and start it again everything goes away for some time. Once I couldn't start the vehicle for 20minutes after stopping the vehicle. After going to the dealers (we live about 2 hours away from the dealership) they once again hooked it up to their computers and kept the vehicle for one week and noticed that we have replaced the tyres once. Problem is the replacement was 5mm larger than the original tyre size [235/55 ZR19 instead of 235/50/R19] (We replaced 2 tyres once because of a small cut on a gravel road and as there were no tyres of the same size in the country and as Sri Lanka is under a temporary ban on all imports we decided to go with this specific tyre set until we can find a proper set) so they said this whole problem must have come up because of the tyre issue. Understanding that it could be a good reason for this problem we once again fit the tyres with the right size yesterday and to my dismay the error messages came up again. This is the first Volvo I've ever bought and I absolutely love the vehicle! I hope the Sri Lankan agents are able to find a solution for this problem at least now even after them contacting the Volvo regional as well as head office. I honestly dont feel safe driving my car on the highways when messages such as 'ABS/ESC temporarily off' and 'Suspension failure please stop vehicle safely' come up almost all the time.

Plus, I dont think the agents over here know what they are doing., Until now their solution for almost every problem has been 'the latest software update will fix it' but this time they suggested using a completely new tyre set. I will follow through their suggestions as they are supposed to be the experts but Im pretty sure this has something to do with some sensor or some software issue. My concern is what will happen if/when the error and warning messages come up again even after spending money on a completely new set of tyres. But even that aside what's more concerning is how they're gonna find a solution for this problem after that. (They said they only do buy backs after 5 years so that's not an option).

I also contacted Volvo customer care US through the phone , international customer care through email as well as Facebook and placed inquiries and they are positive that the best option is to give the vehicle to the local dealers as they are the best guys to handle the issue so that's that..

Any ideas on this issue is highly appreciated, thanks.


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