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XC40 cracked windshield Twice in a couple weeks

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This is crazy bought the car brand new, five days later huge stress crack. Dealership replaced telling me it was Very Rare. I said lot of people online r having the same issues. They said that’s just the internet.. got the car back with the new windshield 2 days later another crack in a different area. This is insane all this money to buy it and now I’m loosing sleep worrying about car issues. The glass is too thin or to pressured. Something isn’t right! Hopefully they Won’t give me a had time now. But I can’t just keep replacing windshields.
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Same here! Mine cracked in an almost identical position. This will be probably the 4th time I'll replace the windshield. In my estimation, the reason our windshields crack so often is the because too much of the edge of the glass is exposed. When a rock his the glass too closely to the edge of the windshield it'll cause a crack. What volvo needs to do is lengthen the overlap of the black rubber windshield gaskets to cover more of the edge of the glass. I do get rock chips hitting the near-ish center of the glass, but none of those have caused a large crack. Only rocks hitting close to the edge cause cracks.

I might home-brew a solution using plastidip rubber spray coating, mask the windshield edges with newspaper, and spray coat a rubber strip along the exposed edges. Hopefully that'll mitigate rock impacts.
That black edge is called frits. I took a hit to the frits in a Toyota Highlander that caused a crack. Cracks in the frits can't be repaired. I had to get the windshield replaced.
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