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XC40 claims Australia's top honors

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The XC40 has been given the Wheels Car of the Year, which is Australia's highest automotive annual award. This is the second year that Volvo has received this distinction, with the XC60 winning it in 2018.
Wheels magazine editor Alex Inwood said this year's win for Volvo showed its previous success was no fluke.

"There may never have been a more successful company turnaround than Volvo's recent form," Mr Inwood said.
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We've seen how the level of interest in the XC40 has been affecting its availability. Dealers just cant hold onto them and Volvo is having a tough time getting them built quickly enough. Not a bad problem to have.
Knowing that Volvo has plans for an even smaller and more affordable crossover amazes me because the XC40 is already doing well.

XC20 might just surpass these XC40 accomplishments. Thoughts?
I have a feeling that we wont see that new smaller model until Volvo finishes electrifying their current lineup. Odds are it will release as either a hybrid or full EV. It if wasn't for Geely, Volvo could have never pulled off this turnaround.
This was to Geely's benefit as well, since so many of their new models will be based upon established and proven Volvo platforms. I think moving forward that we will see a lot more part sharing between brands, especially with EV's.
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