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Worth the wait!

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Wife and I took delivery of our new XC40 R-Design on 1/18/2019!
Totally worth the 7 month wait. The car drives and handles like a dream.
Our Volvo dealership was the best. The experience couldn't have been better.
We'll be enjoying our Volvo for years to come.:smile

Now the adventures begin!
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Congrats on getting your XC40.

Have you started thinking about what first modifications/accessories to get in the coming weeks and months?
Congrats. Have you guys owned other Volvo's previously or are you new to the brand? What color did you decide on?
Welcome to forum Knarr! Great to hear your enjoying your XC40. Please keep us informed with any good/bad you find with your vehicle. Take care!
Congratulations to you and the misses. Glad to hear that you are happy with the new ride and that your dealership treated you well.
Worth the wait! responses you all.

Hey fellow XC40 Forum people,

Knarr here.
Thanks everyone for the welcome and congratulations. Life is good with the XC40 R Design!
As far as upgrades go, the first order of business is a paint protection film kit for the front of the car.
The car goes in on Feb 5th, so no freeway driving until after the film is on.

In the near future there will be window tint happening to the driver and passenger front windows.
I would love to get a strut tower brace and cat back exhaust system installed once aftermarket parts become available. This might be a long wait though. I'm not sure about Volvo SUV tuning parts. I have seen lowering springs and a software tuning upgrade for engine HP. If anyone has seen other quality European aftermarket parts for the XC40 please let me know.

On the downside, the blind spot issue is very real. Much improved with the rear head rests lowered.
On the upside, engine start/stop function now (1-18-2019) only defaults in "ECO" mode. When we took delivery our sales person brought us up to speed on the software update by Volvo. That was a huge relief!
The engine has 100 miles on it so I think that is the reason our average MPG is 21.3 (average):crying. I hope once we're past the break-in period our mileage will improve.
Anyone have a fuel economy report to share?
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Based on the results from fuelly most people are seeing around 23mpg. Some get as high as 29 but thats going to be influenced by your daily use and driving style.
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Hi Aizen,
Thanks for this. I need real world figures to compare my mileage to.
A couple of things I'm going to try in order to increase MPG will be making sure the A/C is off and using mid range octane petrol.
I totally agree with your statement about the influence of vehicle use and driving style.
Will check back with results.

On that note about Fuelly, if anyone here hasn't posted their numbers to that site i suggest you do, ultimately it helps all of us and the more numbers and feedback the better :)
On that note about Fuelly, if anyone here hasn't posted their numbers to that site i suggest you do, ultimately it helps all of us and the more numbers and feedback the better :)
I will start doing this. My fuel economy has been disappointing. Even trying to drive efficiently (light on the gas pedal and coasting when possible), I'm probably averaging 21-22 mpg with a decent amount of highway driving, admittedly combined with block-to-block big city driving. Given the cost increase of premium fuel in my area, I'm spending the same on fuel as my 435 horsepower V8 Mustang and that's kind of sad.
According to the computer, we’re getting 28 mpg (combined but mostly city) after first 5000 miles.
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