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Hey everyone, I posted here mid February when I placed an order for my XC40!

2019 XC40
-T5 R Design
-Black Stone paint
-Didn't go for the lava red carpet

- Heated front seats + wheel
- Premium Package
- Advanced Package
- Vision Package

- Harmon Kardon Sound System
- Panoramic Moonroof

What I think so far:
- The car drives super smooth; Going from my 2015 BMW X1 there's a huge difference. There was definitely more feel to the driving experience in the X1 but the XC40 is much more refined and calmer.

- Going off the last point, I wish there was more feel as I sometimes feel a little bit too comfortable driving and it feels unnatural

-The Harmon Kardon speakers are great, sound quality is astounding

- The suspension is good, goes over Midwest potholes perfectly

- The car's interior and exterior design is perfect, I have gotten more compliments on my car than I have ever gotten on my old car. I came back to my car and two guys were checking it out - it turned out one of them interned for Volvo and worked directly with the guy who designed the XC40. Learned some interesting things about how the car was designed.

- So far with about 550 miles total my MPG is 21.6. A little bit underwhelming but it's not a big deal

I'm sure I haven't covered everything I think of my car but please let me know if you have any specific questions!
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