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Volvo’s latest offering based on their new smaller platform is already a looker and those who would like a slightly sportier XC40 can opt for the new Exterior Styling Kit. Though the name may be uninspiring, what the package adds to the entry-level crossover more than makes up for it.

Aimed to make the XC40 look rugged yet sporty, the kit includes front and rear skid plates made from brushed stainless steel, a rear spoiler that extends past the rear window, and completing the look is a set of 21-inch, five-spoke diamond-cut alloy wheels. Enough to give the XC40 a sportier feel without making it look polarizing or outlandish.

Pricing for the Exterior Style Kit has not been released yet, but Motor1 claims the wheels alone retail for $2,680 in the United States and that includes a set of performance tires. Assuming Volvo would like to at least recoup the cost of wheels and materials, we could be looking at around $3,000 for the package.

If those upgrades aren’t enough, there’s always the option to go for the range-topping XC40 trim. It may be a bit expensive at $39,100 but it does come with additional visual upgrades in addition to the Exterior Style Kit. Those with deep pockets will also be treated to chrome window trim and front grille, wood panels, leather upholstery, a crystal gear shifter, etc.

Even those who go for a bare bones XC40 will still take ownership of a car that recently won the European Car of the Year award.

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Just so you guys know, that picture does not show the correct wheels that come as part of the styling kit. And that's a good thing because those are uglier than what's available in stock models. This is what the full kit actually looks like.
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