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Volvo XC40 Navigation Voice Language

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Recently purchased an MY21 Volvo XC40. Loving it! Except for the 1 black key fob which is the norm here in Australia apparently

With my previous 2014 V40, when you changed the system setting language (to say Swedish) the navigation voice would also switch to Swedish.

For the XC40, when the system language is changed to Swedish, the navigation voice remains in English (eg. turn left in 200m) Everything else is in Swedish on the control centre.

this is odd because I thought if the language option had a voice speaking symbol next to it, every thing would change to that language.

Can you please let me know if the standard navigation language for the xc40 is english?

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I have changed mine to Swedish so there is definitely a way. I’ll have to look next time I’m in the car. I changed it back because I had trouble getting it to recognize US street names even when I pronounced them with a Swedish accent lol
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Thanks for confirming Jezza. Keen to hear if you had to do any other extra step mate. Awesome that you had to put on a Swedish accent for the US streets! For my XC40 could be a limitation of the Australian models. Appreciate your response mate.
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