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Hey guys,

So over last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Canadian International Autoshow, where the XC40 was unveiled for the first time in Canada. Have to say that it was a really sharp looking car, and everything about it indicated it was a luxury vehicle. As both the XC60 and XC90 are award winners, the XC40 is in good position to follow suit. Volvo has 3 new models coming in 2019 and they plan to have 5 full electrics in the next 3 years.

Biggest takeaways:

1.) No confirmed delivery date. Mid 2018 is still what's being said, with most reps suggesting March-May. T5 is expected to arrive before the T4.
2.) This is a luxury SUV first and foremost. Beautiful infotainment and dashboard cluster. Incredibly comfortable front and rear seats, with accented stitching and dash/door panels
3.) XC40 is taller and wider than other vehicles in this segment, but that wouldn’t be obvious unless you had them side by side
3.) Headroom even in the rear seats is excellent, and it looks smaller on the outside than it feels on the inside
4.) Not sure if it was exclusive to the R Design trim but Volvo was embossed in headlight units and Swedish flag was featured on the hood panel
5.) T5 trim comes with AWD and a 247hp turbo four. T4 trim is FWD with a 180hp engine
6.) A 9.0-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and active safety tech are all standard.
7.) Standard base price between two trims is negligible, however that’s likely to change with additional options/packages. T4 FWD is $34,195, while the T5 AWD, is $36,195
8.) The gritty engine/ weak exhaust note did not seem as prevalent on this trim level. However, some may still find the need to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system.
9.) In addition to the black roof and mirrors, the R Design trim included a different grille, metallic exhaust tips, slightly stiffer springs, different dampers, thicker anti-roll bars, and standard 19-inch wheels. The one on display however was wearing 245/45R-20 Pirelli Scorpion Zeros.
10.) Volvo will offer an adjustable suspension later in 2018 for $1000, but the R-Design’s set up is more than likely to satisfy most drivers, especially for this segment.
11.) Huge door pockets, made possible by relocating the door speakers, which are now found atop of the dashboard
12.) There’s also a big cubbyhole below the armrest, drawers under the seats, and a removable trash bin behind the shifter
13.) The hatch can be opened and closed with a quick kick under the rear bumper. There is a two-piece floor that can be folded up and has a place to hold your grocery bags.
14.) Rear seats fold 60/40 and have a small pass-through for long, narrow objects. Removing the parcel shelf is simple, and it can be stored, upside down, under the floor.
15.) Volvo has announced a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder, direct-injected gasoline engine. It was designed so that it could be integrated into Volvo’s hybrid system later on, but here’s the kicker: It’s also coming with a manual six-speed transmission.

If you guys have any questions, be sure to fire away. As I think of more I'll add update posts.


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The adjustable suspension is actually an air suspension and should be very similar to what the XC90 has. It will be great for riding on those bumpy city roads but I will have to do my research to find out if its really worth getting. Last thing I want to be dealing with are issues that will keep sending me back to the dealership for something that can be further simplified
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