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Geely unveiled their Icon concept SUV at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, a vehicle designed ot showcase their styling chops and commitment to greener transportation.

Those outside of China may not be familiar with this automaker even though they sell passenger vehicles under more well known badges like Lotus and Volvo. A Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company, Geely has owned Volvo since 2010 when it purchased the company from Ford.

It’s only natural for these two brands to share some automotive technology including the Volvo's CMA platform. Underpinned by the CMA, Geely’s latest concept should be compatible with combustion engine, hybrid and electric powertrains.

According to Autocar, no powertrain details were offered but we did learn of the concept’s design inspiration from Geely design chief Guy Burgoyne. “Both surfaces and graphics have been distilled down to their minimalist form that is much in-line with present day gadgets”, he said.

We’re not quite sure which 8-bit gadget they were aiming for, perhaps the blocky Nintendo Entertainment System classic edition that was all the rage last year. Aesthetically, there may be similarities if one looks at the concept’s simple interior design featuring a large infotainment screen and an instrument cluster that’s partially hidden behind gray fabric.

Production of the Icon has no been confirmed yet, so we may just see some of the displayed tech trickle down into their other models.
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