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The marketing firm Volvo hired and runs the Volvo Recharge Drivers Connect website posted some flash results from its customer experience surveys. The first survey was on waiting time, which I believe means waiting time for P8 owners who ordered vehicles.


A couple of caveats for me about this survey. There’s no info on survey size or methodology. It’s unclear whether “Recharger owners” is solely the XC40 Recharge BEV or also includes the XC49 Recharge PHEV.

I’m surprised that half responded communication from Volvo was good. Either respondents were uncritical about the communications they received or they equated quantity with quality. I didn’t order my P8 so I didn’t have to wait for mine and I didn’t receive any communication from VC about the wait. However, I’ve generally found VC’s communications to be vague and minimally informative.
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