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VoC was working fine then stopped about 7 days ago.

During this time I have been unable to use the car but spouse2 has been.
Both of us sync there iPhones to the car when using the car.

VoC stopped working after she used the car 7 days ago.

Today I got to use the car (yay for leaving home and going out) car did not want to fully blutooth to my phone (usual issue, solved by switching blutooth on and off on the car).

Thought I would try VoC in the car and it worked.
It also worked when I exited the car and was at range.
I closed down the iPhone app and relaunched to make it find the car a new. Worked perfectly.

The car seemed to have some memory of who used it last (which iPhone) and as this was not the person doing VoC it failed to connect. This was resolved when I used the car.
Question: Was using the voc in the car over bt part of this solution?

This was not an issue in the past as checking charge after spouse2 drives car is a thing I have done before.

Will try and recreate the break and the fix. And narrow down whether I needed to use VoC over bt as part of the solution.

Anyone else had the same situation?

Not that worried about whether VoC works (honestly I am not) but maybe this is a repeatable behavior and a Volvo engineer sees it . . .primarily I want folks to be happy with their cars both for their happiness and because happy users = happy stories = happy new customers = our car stay supported :) and I do heart my car.

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