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Tux mats are a joke

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This is the second or third time they texted / emailed me that they’re in stock when they’re not, unless they sold out in the last 30 minutes.
Anyway will let you know how it goes with Witamats!

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Me too, I just got a notice this afternoon and it looks like they're in stock now. I have the Volvo rubber mats already but these look like they give better coverage for winter use. We replaced the Weathertechs in my wife's Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with TuxMats, and the durability and coverage are much better.

Question, can anyone with the TuxMat trunk liner tell me if it stays in place reasonably well? I have the Volvo plastic trunk liner and sometimes when loading/unloading it slides rearward enough to interfere with the trunk latch.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts