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2019 XC40 T5 R-Design w/Premium Package

Got my car last night and did some minor setup night. Spent about half an hour in the car and thought it would be a good opportunity for first impressions. Hoping to get some feedback too from people who may have already worked through these issues.
  • Android Auto - I use Android Auto in my other car and didn't have a chance to set up Spotify etc... After stopping the car to drop my son off, I had to reselect Android auto from the menu after swiping right. This is frustrating, really hoping it would remember my preferences here, not looking forward to doing that every time I start the car.
  • Where do I put my phone when tethered? - In previous cars, the USB that was used for tethering was in the armrest console, and with the help of some cord, guides had a nice clean setup where I could plug in my phone and leave in the front center storage area without a lot of slack. While the charging pad is great if using native apps, if you have to tether for Android Auto, my Pixel 3 XL doesn't fit in the charging pad with the cord plugged in neatly, and not enough room on either side.
  • Sunglasses - I wear glasses and have a pair of prescription sunglasses, the old S40 had a great cubby for it behind the stereo panel which was great and my Subaru had a convenient flip-down storage overhead. I can't figure out where to store a pair of glasses without a case in the car.
  • Eco setting - Overall this was pretty great, the drop in performance is noticable but not bad enough that it made me want to switch out of the mode for a simple commute. However, when a car in front of me slowed down to switch lanes, and I had to brake I got stuck in a weird accelerating into a downshift thing and basically ended up almost redlining the car and then lurching forward, hoping this was a freak occurrence.
  • Handling and feel - I only got to test drive the non-R T5, and I felt the R-Design chassis is a much better feel and performance. Felt less sluggish and definitely a better connection between driver-steering wheel- road.
  • Comfort - I'm usually pretty fidgety in the car so this was a pleasant surprise. I got in, adjusted the seat (still have to set up the profile) and didn't touch anything again the rest of the trip. Easy getting in and out without having to adjust the seat, and the armrest was at a very comfortable position.
  • Shifter - Everyone on hear complains about this so I won't go into too much detail, but this was incredibly annoying. Even tried to simply hold the shifter down for an extended time to go from D to R or back and that doesn't work either. We have to parallel park in often in our town so this is the one issue I'm really really really hoping is just something you get used to.
  • Sound - Sound system is great, listened to some Spotify and a podcast through Android Auto and both had a nice crisp, but not too punchy sound. Very pleased with the speakers and that you can use the steering wheel microphone to control Android Auto/Google Assistant.
  • Style - The car just looks good, plain an simple. The black roof, cool but not flashy rims, the black grill. Very happy I decided to splurge on the R-Design, really takes this from a generic small SUV up to a stylish and unique look.
  • Volvo On Call - still getting used to keyless since I didn't have on my old car, so I forgot to lock the doors. My phone notified me when at my desk and was able to lock from inside. It was also a little chilly this morning so I tried out the remote start from bed and it worked great. Car was nice and toasty (heated steering wheel was a really nice touch). My dog will suffer from me not having to take her for an extra walk out to the car to turn it on in the morning :)
Overall, I think I'm just distracted by trying to dial in the extraneous features like the console and storage, I'm sure once I get into a routine I will love it. The drive, style and copious features more than make up for the slight annoyances at this point.

Looking forward to tinkering and dialing it in over the next week or so.
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