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TCAM battery discharged after car idle for two weeks?

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I’ve been unable to drive my car for a few weeks. Got back in this morning, car woke up after deep sleep, no cell signal, GPS set to world view. Tried resetting - no dice. Drove around for forty minutes and reset, still nothing. My guess is the TCAM battery has discharged. Everything was working fine up to now. Any thoughts?
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A lot of those early tcam units have faulty battery anyway, there is a tsb , bring it in for service.
Booked for Friday am, but mine is a late 2022, and hasn’t been a problem until now. No GPS or data, but Bluetooth is getting a signal. Will update once I have a fix.
So I went out to see if she was still sulking, after having been ignored for two weeks and sure enough, the signal came back and mapping was restored after thinking about it for three hours. I'll leave it until tomorrow before cancelling the visit to Volvo just in case. I think it likely the TCAM battery was discharged. The signal at home isn't very strong so its possible the receiver was hunting - same thing happens to a phone in a marginal area.
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