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Sunroof Reset?

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Does anyone know of a way to reset the sunroof? After the last update it seemed to be stuck at fully closed (THANKFULLY) ever since, pressing the open / close touch sensitive control now only controls the sunshade.

Can't take the car into the dealership anytime soon, thanks for any tips!
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Requiring the user to learn tricky swipe gestures to operate the sunroof is one of the worst UI decisions I've seen in a while.
The Audi Q4 eTron (was on my short list before I decided on the XC40) has the same type of sunroof controls although, in Audi's case, I think the implementation is worse. They have separate swipe "grooves" for the shade and the roof, so you have to remember which is which before you swipe (or take your eyes off the road to look at the labels). That could get messy if all you want to do is open the sunshade on a rainy day and swipe the wrong side 馃槙
You're exactly right. I've had the same stress trying to operate the sunshade in my wife's Q4. Even worse is the squishy nonlinear regenerative braking. Night and day better on the Volvo.
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