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Stuck in reverse

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I’ve had my 2019 XC40 (AWD, automatic) for approximately 2 months. I reversed out of a parking spot yesterday, and it wouldn’t shift out of reverse.
I pressed the parking break, but it didn’t work. I tried multiple times to get it to shift, but it didn’t respond until I unsnapped my seatbelt…maybe coincidental?
Has anyone else experienced this? Could I have safely turned off the engine with it still in gear?
It’s still under warranty, so I do plan to make an appointment. But until they can get me in, I’m wondering if there is any advice?
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Hmm, it is a bit of a concern that pressing the parking brake button didn't work - maybe the transmission has to be in neutral or park for the brake button to work? I know with that car you have to tap the gear shifter twice to move from reverse to forward, as I think it goes through neutral on the first tap. I believe you also have to have your foot on the brake pedal to change from reverse to forward. It's a bit confusing as we have the full EV version here in AUS, and when I drove my mom's 2018 XC40T5 I had to be aware of the differences in changing gears etc. as on the Android OS cars, you only have to tap the lever once to go from park into drive, and drive into reverse, etc. I don't think there would be any risk switching off the engine as it should automatically go into park when you do that.
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