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I have allocated "Profile 1" to my fob, without locked settings so any adjustments or changes I might make are stored when locking the car with that fob. I programmed my seat and exterior mirrors settings, assigned them to "Memory 1#" and everything works nicely.

Today, with my FOB stored away, my wife and I went to car and set things up under "Profile 2", including her seat and mirror adjustments and also stored those under "Memory #2".

Now the odd part...

If we open the car with her fob, after having previously closed it with my fob, sure enough, everything reverts to her profile, including the seats and mirrors adjustments.

But the other way around - if I open the car with my fob, after having previously closed it with hers - the car assumes my profile, except for the seat and mirrors adjustments and I have to press the "1" button on the door for these items to assume the required positions.

Any ideas why this is happening?

(the alternate fobs were always far away during these tests)


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This was fixed all by itself...Go figure...

It now works as expected :)

Interesting... I have been having issues with the driver profiles linked to the key fobs as well. I tried to get it to work, but was facing similar issues with it sometimes working, sometimes not, so I gave up. Maybe I should try again now (three months later).
Maybe related: my wife claims that at one point recently she saw a message on the screen that indicated that a software update had been performed... Does anyone know if the Sensus software is updated remotely at all? Volvo Support seems to suggest that updates can only be applied at a dealer...
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