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Software Update 2.7

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Anybody any news/clues/suspicions on content and/or time?
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Looking at the release notes… If it doesn’t fix the charge “complete at” error that showed up after 2.5 I couldn’t care less.
Downloaded on commute home. Installing later… wish this one fixed more bugs than it calls out on release notes.
The name under driver climate control was there before 2.7 for me.
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The change (again) in regenerative braking is annoying, but even more so is the lack of improvement to Pilot Assist. It is still garbage on the stretch of interstate I commute, trying to pull all over the road and losing it’s mind when I pass the beginning/ending of an off-ramp or on-ramp lane.
Driven 38,000 miles, same daily commute overall. OPD has changed over certain updates and is once again noticeable on this one.
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