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Software Update 2.7

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Anybody any news/clues/suspicions on content and/or time?
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Sweet. I got the email but no software update available yet.
Got the notification of OTA downloaded this morning, and just now ran the update on XC40 recharge. Took about 20 mins, and then received notification on phone that update was complete. Seems good so far…

I was a little concerned because I haven’t received OTA updates for a few iterations, but this one came down fine.
First long drive after updating from 2.5 -> 2.7. The lane-keeping / follow seems a little better - I drove with it on about 100 miles and it stayed in the lane most of the time. I think the software updates over the last year or so have increased cold weather range. My drive was in about 35 degree F weather and I went about 90 miles on 1/2 the battery at pretty fast speeds (~75 mph).
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1 - 3 of 274 Posts