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Software Update 2.7

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Anybody any news/clues/suspicions on content and/or time?
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Increased availability = can’t turn it off anymore
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Wondering if this will be fixed on our Volvo as well, although there is no mention on the release notes:

"Bug fix for clicking sound experienced in cabin under regen braking "

There is a full thread about this here and after reading that, you will start hearing the sound if you hadn't yet... lol.
Highly doubt this can be fixed in software since it’s probably physical relays clicking. I’m noise sensitive and I did notice it but it’s really the least of my issues with this car (highway vibrations and ambient light buzzing being the most pressing)
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I also think it won't be fixed via a software update, but some had mentioned hearing it only after one of the updates.
I suppose they could at least add some hysteresis where if you are really continually going back and forth over the switch point with the throttle it will recognize that and just leave you on one side or the other so it's not just "click click click click" in rapid succession
I’m told that the return of the steering wheel buttons for ACC and PA will be part of a bigger update that will be made available in parallel to the delivery of my24 cars (May 2023?).
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Tech can be addictive if it is frictionless and does what it's supposed to do! :). Interesting feedback on Pilot Assist. I'll reserve mine for later when I do use it, I cannot imagine if I am driving through Atlanta interstates where it's like 10 lanes on both sides and if I am in Lane 5 for e.g., how would Pilot Assist react? The Volvo EX90 is claiming to have a solid "FSD" like experience but I think it's mostly L3 for now. With DUS technology - it's going to be interesting to see how a Volvo C/XC40 could be possibly retrofitted, and software enhanced.
middle lanes are fine in my experience. Whether or not I use it is completely dependent on how many people are going to be merging on front of me (read: cutting me off) as it’s not a pleasant experience for autopilot to constantly be braking and then accelerating. When I drive manually I can tel when someone is about to barge in, let off the throttle a bit, and then allow a temporary shortened following distance which reduces the amount of regen/braking compared to PA. Once I set PA I don’t want to be micromanaging that stuff. I think a 2-3 lane highway is perfect with sparse traffic or enough traffic that people are just platooning in the same lane.
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This dealership is so infectious with their customer focused hospitality! I have a few more hours to kill and C40 charge up (not in a super rush), and the service technicians came by and introduced themselves. They saw the C40, and said a ton of nice compliments!

Good grief - wish this level of professionalism, customer experience and friendliness was all over America!
Doesn’t really behoove them to be impolite. Plenty of people are short sighted but I don’t think an acerbic salesperson would last long. They never know when you might be in the market for a new car- you could total yours tomorrow and remember them fondly
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Hey guys, here is some new info about updates and driving journal (translated):

"New information about the logbook:

This will probably be delayed until the beginning of Q2/23.

Rollout OTA in CH:

C40, XC40: 07.03.23
XC60: 06.03.23
S60, V60, S90, V90, XC90: 08.03.23
Polestar 2: 14.03.23


Source: Software-Aktualisierung Android Automotive+Fahrzeug (ab MJ22) - Updates - aktuelle Version=2.7
my phone’s calculator will be so relieved
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Ahhh! Can confirm, can confirm! I'm finding the exact same behavior in mine. As someone who loved the lights on High, but hated the buzz, this is probably the most exciting part of the update for me lol.
That will be nice, glad they were able to do something. I guess if it’s caused by the dimmer circuit, then they could avoid it on high by going to 100% duty cycle. Perhaps high is now slightly brighter than it was before? I personally think high is a bit distracting at night but is still choose it on probably over dim with a hum or completely off
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Well, I've sadly realized that the buzzing has not been solved. When I was in the car post-update, I didn't go for a drive. There was no buzzing unless I set it to low, regardless of the overhead light being on or off.

As soon as I shifted into drive however, the buzzing came back again. And now there is no difference between High and Low.

What's strange is that when parked after driving, when I unbuckle and the overhead light comes on, the buzzing goes away again. If I turn the light off manually, it comes back. However - if I get out of the car, lock it, then unlock and get back in, the buzzing stays silent regardless of the overhead light being on or off. It's just putting it into drive that starts the buzzing behavior above again.

They were so close on this one. It at least gives me hope it could be fixed via software eventually.
my experience: the buzzing is present at all times except

1) interior light intensity high AND overhead light on AND in park (so similar to you, putting in drive brings it back

2) interior light intensity high AND interior brightness slider full

3) interior light intensity off

#2 appears to work even when in drive so that’s promising. That’s pretty darn bright at night though and I wonder if it will buzz again when then brightness sensors trigger or not when going eg from full sun to a tunnel and back

before 2.7 it buzzed all the time regardless of overhead lights etc and the only way to
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Anyone think the throttle is a little more sticky around the zero position in OPD? Maybe I didn't notice it before, but it seemed easier to coast today even when I was at zero throttle (no regen) if I let off the pedal it stuck to zero a little longer before starting regen

I also didn't notice the regen clicking but it was raining so could have still been there
The change (again) in regenerative braking is annoying, but even more so is the lack of improvement to Pilot Assist. It is still garbage on the stretch of interstate I commute, trying to pull all over the road and losing it’s mind when I pass the beginning/ending of an off-ramp or on-ramp lane.
I hope they start adding dotted lines through exits like I’ve seen in other countries. There’s been a big push to widen lane markings supposedly for assisted driving but it seems they overlooked the exit lane problem
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The biggest and most positive change I’ve experienced is when in OPD using crusade control if you cancel cruise control the regen is gentle. It used to be like hitting the brakes, hard.
I always set crusade control when traveling to the holy land
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I may be wrong here, but for everyone who reset the tyre pressure in the TPMS following the 2.7 update, I think you will first need to physically pump each tyre to the correct pressure (as per the sticker on the driver side). This is because the TPMS will then correctly “learn” their pressure after driving for a while - it does that based on monitoring tyre rotations. Over time all tyres go down and the TPMS detects that through changes in tyre rotation due to the tyres being a bit “flatter”. Now if you imagine your tyres were just about down (but not quite) to the point at which the TPMS would normally generate a warning, and then you reset the TPMS as part of 2.7, then I think the TPMS will now regard the current (lower) physical tyre pressure (and subsequent tyre rotations) as the new normal, and you would only get a TPMS warning once it detects a further significant drop, which is then likely to be at level much lower than what the tyre pressures should actually be at… if you know what I mean?
yes you should, but if you jut an
We're all used to having to occasionally reboot our computers and/or modems. In Volvo terminology:

IHU = "The Computer". You reboot the computer (IHU) bu holding the HOME button for ~30 seconds (past the "screen cleaning" mode) until you see the VOLVO logo reappear faintly.

TCAM = "The Modem" (actually anything to do with comms/radio). You reboot the modem (TCAM) by holding in the FRONT DEFROST button for ~30 seconds until you see the SOS light flashing. Although this exact procedure may have changed at some point.
Is there a post with all the reset procedures? I read something about the hazard button resetting the ECU is that true?
Sitting in the snowstorm in Bay Shore Long Island for my first DC charge on 2.7 at the Nissan dealership @ 50kW (free!)

Completion time on dash is completely off. But app is accurate.

Getting a solid 50kW, adding 110mi/hr, even up to 80% SOC and with seat warmer on. Now, it's stepping down to 105mi/hr....

I feel like it used to drop down earlier and more in the past as it approached 90%.... Granted, it is 36°F out so there should not be overheating of the battery....
charging at 62kw now at my super secret free charger (i Know other people use it but it’s always free when I arrive)

last time it started dropping down around 75%

and this time… one sec…. Yup still dropping slightly around 75. It hit 50 around 77, then I had to gooooo but I know around 80 it goes down to 20-30kw

ps anyone think it’s weird the charging screen says “90% is recommended to preserve battery” but only when you set it to 90 or 100. If you set it to 80 or below it fades away. If the point is to warn you against 100, why show it at 90?
I completely agree with this. Why not give us the option to adjust the level of regen?
So they can offer it as a $1000 polestar optimized regen package
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