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The SiriusXM app 1.0 finally released as part of the vehicle software 1.7 has so many bugs and shortfalls that it's comical. What a farcically amateurish and bug-ridden effort. Wow.

First of all, one obvious and clear bug -- at least in our car -- is that the in-car SiriusXM app doesn't correctly show a pause button in the full-screen infotainment center (an obvious bug, as all other audio apps in the XC40 all-electric have the touch screen pause feature). The "play" icon doesn't toggle between play and pause as all other audio apps in the vehicle do. Instead, we have to use the physical pause button to pause the audio in that app, unlike every other audio and music app in the vehicle.

Secondly, the in-vehicle Google Assistant doesn’t respond to commands to play SiriusXM or to tune to any particular SiriusXM station. When asked, the Assistant says “You don’t have the SiriusXM app installed…you must install it to use SiriusXM”. It’s really hard to believe that after all this time making XC40 All-Electric vehicle owners have access to the satellite radio that Volvo and Google didn’t have time to actually teach the Google Assistant to recognize spoken commands in the same way it does on Android mobile devices that have the SiriusXM app installed.

Thirdly, the in-car app doesn't synchronize favorites with the user's SiriusXM devices and account the way all other devices (Apple, Android, and PC/Mac/Website) do.

Fourth, there is no option to toggle the Favorites and Channel lists between displaying the channel names and currently-playing songs or shows, the way most other apps on other devices and in many cars do. For example, most Pioneer aftermarket touch screen infotainment units allow for such toggling...and have since...2010.

To be quite frank, the SiriusXM in-car app v1.0 is a very amateurish effort, particularly considering how long folks have been waiting for the satellite ratio to be activated in this model vehicle. I'm just stunned how bad it is.

- Bill
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