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2021 XC40 P8 - Bursting Blue
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Does anyone know if the XC40 Sensus screen dimension is the same as the P8 screen?

I want to put protection film (or glass) on for sake of glare/fingerprint reduction. I've never done this to any of my devices, car, phone,tablets, etc. I saw a review saying the protector the reviewer got was too small for the screen.

What I'm really inclined to do is find a source for the film in larger quantities, eg enough for several screens, but I don't even know what to look for. It seems like the companies "making" and selling protectors fit to a car are huge profit generators. I can't imagine a $23 protector cost more than $1 in film and 3 minutes of labor and then I don't know without trying if the fit is correct. And most searches revert back to pre-made protector sellers.
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