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When browsing accessories on the Volvo website I came across this: Roof spoiler - XC40 2022 P8 AWD (Pure electric) - Volvo Cars Accessories Unfortunately I couldn't find much information about it or any decent photos online.

That website says "Should be combined with other exterior styling products for optimal design value." Ha ha, nice. Is this spoiler part of the exterior styling package that I've seen offered in some places? Usually where I see that offered it doesn't show the spoiler, but that doesn't mean it isn't included.

At any rate, I contacted the parts department at my local Volvo dealer and and enquired about the cost of the roof spoiler and I was also interested in getting my wife a white leather key fob cover, because I thought she might like that. The spoiler was $435.80+tax CAD, and the key fob cover was $337+tax CAD. Needless to say, I spit my drink all over the place when I read how much the key fob cover was. I love my wife, but...

The dealer wanted an hour of labour to do the installation, but the instructions (linked on the accessory webpage) show that it's pretty straight forward so I opted to install it myself.

What I really would liked to have seen before I purchased the roof spoiler was some photos comparing the accessory unit to the original. Well, I couldn't find that, but here, for your viewing pleasure, are some photos I took.

Notice that the underside of the new spoiler is smooth gloss black. The underside of the stock spoiler is textured and has a matte finish.

Butt ugly with no spoiler.

The little winglets stick out about 47mm and the R-Design black roof is 019 (Black Stone).

Turns out it was harder that I thought to get good photos of this thing. I like subtle little details like this spoiler. I was a bit worried that it would be too similar to the stock unit, but I'm very pleased with this accessory. For the price, I certainly can't complain.
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