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I have enjoyed my XC 40 T5 RDesign AWD for seven months now. The instability of the software is beginning to irk me off. The list is long. We have seen posts regarding brake activation when the collision avoidance system gets activated accidentally (curved road, thinking of head on collision). I think it behooves Volvo engineers to really read these posts and take corrective action since the bugs are too numerous. Here is my list of additional things with the system software:
1. My system has been asking for maintenance beginning at 6000 miles. I have neither 10,000 miles or a close to a year (7 months only)
2. Yesterday I was driving on the Verrazzano bridge from NJ to NY in the left lane (Belt Pkwy lane) when my parking software activated over and over again. Every time I slow down due to traffic, when it spotted a gap between the cars on the right, it assumed that I wanted to park the car. So the picture of the car shows up with option to Park in etc. Now a smart software would have interfaced with the GPS and know that I am over 200 feet in the air on a bridge! Would parking your car be appropriate?
3. The TPMS software does not allow saving of the basic setting (it shows the wait cursor forever)
4. I received updated software available but can never download system software updates (dealer said I have to bring it in)
5. Auto pilot is very unreliable. For example, I have noticed the system does not do well with yellow lines. There is a stretch or road with a yellow hashed safety zone on the left and a solid white line on the right. If I allow the car to drift to the left, 80% of the time it will not take corrective action (it will just drift an entire car width into the safety zone). Drifting to the right (white line) however, corrects itself immediately.
6. The system would dangerously remove monitoring of the rear camera. For example, if I start the engine and immediately reverse to get out of parking, the center console software would remove the video display and shows "Loading" of the components while I am backing up blind.
7. System has no compensation for larger rims. Connecting an ODB2 device shows the speed about 4 miles faster than indicated speed. Larger rim and tires rotate more --because it covers more distance in the same time as the smaller rim size, the speed is faster.
...and the list continues
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