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I'm really struggling between the XC40 that I've pre-ordered and is supposedly being built tomorrow (but probably another 1-2 months before I actually get it), vs the Mach E or Audi Q5 etron coming later this year. So here's my pros and cons list that I've come up with so far. Feel free to add on or comment your thoughts.

- Android Auto: this is my #1 as I have tons of products in the Google ecosystem and the thought of being able to use Google in the car is really alluring...Maps, commands for car settings, and even changing my devices at home while still in the car. Large Google maps that don't need Android Auto and integrate chargers into navigation will be great. Seems so much better than other auto maker attempts at infotainment, even Mach E and Audi's MMI

-Google maps in the guage cluster behind the steering wheel: No other car maker has this and it's a great feature. For any other car, if you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay the maps will only display in the center stack screen.

- Nice Design: I think the XC40 looks great

- Comfortable, luxe interior: All reviews say this interior is spacious, very comfortable and feels open and airy, and is nice and quiet inside

-Range. Very disappointing compared to competitors. Good enough for my regular use but days where I have lots of errands or need to visit my parents 40 miles away is really gonna cut into what else I can do that day without stopping at a fast charger. I shouldn't have to think about this in 2021, especially for almost 60k USD

-Efficiency: This vehicle is SOO thirsty. From all the early reviews it has one of the worst efficiency I've seen in a modern EV

- Price: It's more expensive than the Mach E or upcoming Q4 etron

-Backup camera: Only shows the reverse cam on the bottom half of screen, with a useless static image of the car on top that only shows sensors if you get close too something. This really should be the 360 top down view on the top half so you get both screens at once. My current 2019 Bolt has this and it's fantastic...would be a big step backwards to only get a simple backup cam when engaging reverse. I shouldn't have to choose between the backup cam and the 360 view. I've been begging Volvo on twitter to fix this... hopefully they will in a software update soon. It's a big miss for me because I currently always use BOTH the backup cam and the 360 view when parking.

Regen settings: Only 2 options, 1 pedal driving or totally off, and they are buried in the settings and NOT tied to a driver profile (Volvo support confirmed this to me). My spouse absolutely HATES one pedal mode as it makes him nauseous, but I love it, so if we buy this car we'll be in a constant state of having to dive into the settings to change the regen mode depending on who last drove the car. This will be super annoying. Our Bolt makes this super easy with a tap of the shift lever. Having to go into settings every time will also be a step backwards for us.

I like the idea of this vehicle, but one problem is I still don't yet have any lease pricing or info from Volvo. Given the high price and poor range and efficiency, I think leasing is the only option for this vehicle unless you don't mind losing 20k on resale. So a good lease price may be the deciding factor for me. I keep asking my local dealer and they say they don't have any info yet.
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