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Owning the xc40

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Hi lovely people had the lovely xc40 for 2 weeks now,all those waiting for build date keep the faith the wait will be worth it we were lucky from order to picking up was 3 months must have the last first edition in osimum grey,anyway living with this lovely motor what can i say is wow when you get round all the gadgets and you can just drive it,we have the d4 were getting round about 36-38 mpg at the moment but its still new,no problems as yet really we turned lane assist off only because the boss drives it more than me and it can get a little dangerous on A and B roads,also the foot boot opening dance routine have your keys to hand it will work every time then,the boss complained about how low the call is when your speaking to someone she has an iphone so you have to turn volume up on phone and the iphone has a volume up and down via bluetooth aswell ive only driven it once cant seem to bypass the boss at the moment lol but i had a play with different settings and the paddles and i actually thought am i really driving a volvo,volvo i salute you you have got it bang on with the xc40 what a car and i drive a jag xfr aswell will keep you posted from time to time lovely people.
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