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Owner for 6 months

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Been an owner of an XC40 Inception for six months now. Almost 10,000 miles and not a problem. Love the vehicle. Am interested in others that are considering camping/overlanding. Am considering keeping for the long term and am anxious to see what options aftermarket companies are going to develop for this seemingly capable small SUV. :nerd
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I bet you'll get a lot of questions with that time and mileage spent with the XC40, after all, its enough to determine whether the XC40 is a keeper or not.

Would you be interested in premium factory accessories?
I was hoping Volvo would take after BMW's M Performance parts line, just take a look for yourself:
Welcome to the forum. Good to see that you've been spending plenty of time behind the wheel over the past 6 months. Most of the off road performance tests I've seen have found it to be more than capable in most terrains. What kind of aftermarket kits are you looking for?
Glad to have you Dave and hope that we do start to see some aftermarket support for this car, aside from OEM accessories. I know there have been some lift/spacer kits for the XC70 but I've yet to see those kinds of mods on this crossover. Towing a pop up camper would be a non issue for this car.
Always good to hear new owners putting lots of mileage on their new vehicle without issue. Aside from the Polestar upgrade and OEM accessories, there isn't a whole lot of aftermarket support for this vehicle yet. I don't think ground clearance would really become an issue unless you plan on taking the car rock climbing (unlikely). Its already got front and rear skid plates and its got a wading depth of up to 19inches.
Given how much Volvo has changed over the years and will continue to I bet it will bring some new aftermarket companies. Maybe the same ones that target German vehicles.
Congrats on hitting the 6 month mark! Have you done your first oil change yet? If so, did you do it through the dealership, and how much did it cost? I've never owned nor known anyone who has owned a Volvo before and am curious to know what the ownership costs are like. Thanks!
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