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Overseas delivery

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We did it! Had a wonderful trip. We went the week before Christmas 2018. Volvo treats you like royalty from the get-go. They had a welcome fruit basket in the hotel and a crystal wine stopper and some chocolates waiting for us. The delivery process was awesome. We planned for the first delivery in the morning so we had time to travel after the tour to a town 300 miles away to visit family. After delivery we drove to the Volvo museum which was worth the trip then back to the delivery center for lunch followed by the tour. The tour is worth staying around for by the way. Volvo had a driver pick us up at the airport, to the factory, back the hotel after drop off, then to the airport several days later - all free of charge which is an amazing piece of costumer service. The whole trip was amazing and we definitely recommend it. Going at Christmas time with all the Christmas lights all over the country made it that icy more beautiful. We took a Christmas smorgasbord dinner cruise in Stockholm which was the highlight of the trip. There is lots to do in Stockholm and Gothenburg we spent 8 days and it was a trip of a lifetime. Google Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg. They transform it into a Christmas wonderland during the season and it was wonderful! If you have the time - sign up for it and you will not regret the trip!!!
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Was there anything special about registration/licensing that you had to do for an overseas delivery? I can only imagine how nice Sweden is during this time of year.
Not sure this applied to you, but did you request any atypical features with your order, like a color not available in the US, or getting any add-ons unbundled from their packages? Thanks!
There is no special licensing requirements for the OSD. You are not able to get anything added to your car during the OSD order that is not available in the US market (i.e. you cannot get a special color which is not available in the US market).
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