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Overseas delivery

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We head to Sweden in December to pick up a bursting blue r design. We will let you know about our experience. It seems that they take these overseas delivery orders as priority and jump you to the head of the line for ordering. So if you cannot get one and have the time I would suggest OSD option. We ordered in June and were told we could go get it in 90 days but due to family reasons went with December trip to be there at Christmas time. Have a VIN number and counting the days!!!
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How difficult was it for y'all to do an OSD order? I heard from my friend who used to work at our local Volvo that each dealership is only allotted a handful of OSD trips a year. I wonder if it is only that dealership or if I would have better luck somewhere else. Also, how customizable was your order? I like the r-design best, but want to upgrade the aluminum trim to driftwood if possible.
When I placed my order for an OSD XC40 I was able to order any options I wanted just like if I did a traditional order - no difference. My guess with an OSD order is that the dealer may make less per purchase and some dealers may try to limit it for that reason. I would check around to other dealers. The reason I think dealers may make less money on an OSD purchase is because I went to a dealer to do an OSD delivery and he refused to make the order saying he could not do it, but the very next day I ordered the same car from another dealer. There had to be a reason that first dealer refused to make the order and as they say - "follow the money" and you usually get to the truth .
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