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Overseas delivery

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We head to Sweden in December to pick up a bursting blue r design. We will let you know about our experience. It seems that they take these overseas delivery orders as priority and jump you to the head of the line for ordering. So if you cannot get one and have the time I would suggest OSD option. We ordered in June and were told we could go get it in 90 days but due to family reasons went with December trip to be there at Christmas time. Have a VIN number and counting the days!!!
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Well we did it and came to Sweden to pick up our car and we are having a great time. Volvo picked us at the airport and then to the clarion post hotel which is gorgeous. We had an awesome dinner they provided at the hotel. In the morning we had breakfast and were met by a driver and taken to the delivery center. We got the car and went the the Volvo museum and back to the center for the free lunch which was delicious. We departed and traveled over 800 miles and dropped the car off this morning. We are staying in Gothenburg until Sunday. The driver took us back to our hotel and will pick us up on Sunday to take us to the airport. All of these drives are free of charge. Coming here at Christmas time was a wonderful idea. There is something special about Sweden during this time of year. We definitely recommend overseas delivery!!!
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