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Although OTA has been discussed elsewhere in in other threads, I found an interesting Volvo update about OTA.

The update takes place in two phases: a download phase while you are using the car, and an installation phase when the car is not in use. Note that the time it takes for the download and the installation depends on the size of the software package.
Download – while the car is in use
1. The software package is automatically downloaded in the background every time you drive the car. Sometimes the package can be extensive and take time to download - up to two hours in total. If you stop driving before the package is downloaded, the download will resume the next time you drive.

Latest information XC40 Recharge Pure Electric
What I found interesting is that OTA updates download WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING. That says to me they may be exclusively using the equipped LTE connection. It also suggests that if you drive infrequently you will update infrequently. This also calls into question the need for wifi connectivity. Perhaps wifi is only used for VOC when the phone is out of Bluetooth range.

Volvo also states that:
For the XC40 Recharge pure electric (model year 2021) the Volvo On Call app is not working at the moment. [duh!]
Later this year there will also be new features added. For example, the orange Care Key will receive a speed cap software that allows safer car sharing. Apple CarPlay will be added to also allow passengers to integrate their phones with your car.
So, people who didn't get an Orange Care Key at delivery should demand their dealer cough it up. Surprisingly, no mention of Android Auto being added. Does this mean that Volvo intends to supplant AA with Android Automotive OS? As the Ars Technica article about AAOS in the Polestar2 points out, "kind of shocking how little Android Automotive cares about your phone. It is a full-fledged Android device, and it's really not interested in your pocket computer..."
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