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Got home from spouse2 getting a tattoo to find the following

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

A broken down car blocking the way into our garage.

It was time for Margo’s off road city challenge.
We slowly mounted the curb to squeeze past the car and the wall. The car went up the curb mm by mm like a Boss. No loss in traction. No surging forward when we crested.

Totally in control, slow and deliberate in a way I have never felt in a ice. No Reving. No strain. Basically while going over the nice high curb she was lifting half her weight. Effortless.

And yes I was over joyed and happy at her success. There was no frame groaning or flexing when we were in the 1 wheel up the other down position. And the clearance was perfect. I was waiting for that grinding sound as the underside catches but it never happened.

Wish I had asked spouse2 to film it darn it!!!

Love our car :)
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