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My 2019 XC40 Momentum did not come with fog lights. It seems that most of the Momentum XC40s in the US did not come with fogs, although it appears to have been an option. Volvo officially has no retrofit for the fog lights, most likely because it would require replacing the wiring harness and computer programming…
Anyhow, I really wanted fog lights, and tracked down all of the part #s. Instead of trying to replace the harness and code the car, I just wired them to a simple toggle switch. Listing the parts and some pics in case others are inspired to try this out. Total cost of the parts was $270.

OEM Volvo parts needed:
31407959 Fog Lamp Bezel Bracket - Driver's Side (LH)
31407961 Fog Lamp Bezel Bracket - Passenger Side (RH)
31449343 Fog Lamp Bezel LEFT
31449344 Fog Lamp Bezel RIGHT
30776072 Fog Lamp Assembly Screw (x4)
32228884 Fog Lamp - Passenger Side (RH) - Volvo
32228883 Fog Lamp - Driver's Side (LH) - Volvo

Then I used this toggle switch I found on Amazon. 8 pack of them for $9:
Nilight 8PCS 12V 20A Round Blue Toggle LED Rocker Switch On-Off Control SPST 3Pins for 12V Car

and this relay:
HUIQIAODS H11 880 881 H8 Universal 40A Relay Wiring Harness Kit Fits LED Automotive Fog Light Conversion Assemblies

The parts laid out:
Sleeve Bag Luggage and bags Automotive exterior Auto part

Front bezel and rear bracket:
Automotive design Automotive lighting Hood Bumper Automotive exhaust

Bulb detail
Hand Fluid Finger Material property Trophy

Rear bulb. Notice the connector to the bulb. This connects to the HUIQIAODS H11 880 881 H8 Universal 40A relay wiring harness:

Camera lens Reflex camera Camera Digital camera Camera accessory

Toggle switch wiring:
Font Electronic device Technology Screenshot Engineering

I installed the toggle switch here:
Gear shift Plant Car Motor vehicle Light

Before picture:
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Grille Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting

Pic showing fog lights on by themselves and with headlights on:
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

Fogs and headlights on:

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Grille Automotive lighting
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