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New XC40 owner

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Just got a XC40 R-Design today. Really loving this car. It’s my first Volvo and looking forward to figuring out all the great features.
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Congrats disney, Did you buy it or care by volvo?
I went with a 3 year lease. First time leasing a vehicle. MSRP was $45,935, got it at $44,700. Traded in my 2015 Jeep Cherokee that was nothing put trouble, had a transmission replaced before it was ever sold, transmission rebuilt 3 months after i bought it, and numerous other issues until i finally got a lawyer evolved and had transmission replaced last Nov. Dealer probably overpaid me for the trade in, ended up with about $4,500 in equity (expected half that). $1,000 down put my 3 yr 12,000 mile lease at $381 a month.
Good deal. How do you like the vehicle so far?
I love it, The turbo charged engine has so much power the performance blows away my previous car.
I took delivery of my Fusion Red R-Design 12 days ago. It had been pre-ordered by the dealer and by serendipity/karma, it was optioned EXACTLY the way I'd chosen in the configurator, so I put my deposit on it immediately (in early March). I am absolutely happy with this, my first Volvo, after years of being an Audi bigot. (Traded my Q3, but I still have my 02 TT roadster, because, TT.)
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HAH! I traded in my 2015 Jeep Cherokee as well. Grew to really hate that car.....

SOOO Happy with my XC40 though. :D
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