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New T5 hybrid

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Looking forward to the new plugin hybrid the T5. 3 cilinder petrol with electromotor.

Hope this coming to sale direct with the reveal on 21 September.

I'm interesed to perhaps buy this version. Since more and more cities in Europe are putting limitations to city centers for diesel engines. Now driving a D4 diesel.

Anyone else also interested in the new T5 Hybrid?. (most people are from the US I guess so think not).
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The T5 is the hybrid model? I though it was the T8?
But if the XC40 came with a hybrid variant, I would definitely be interested simply because of the improved low end torque and increased fuel efficiency.

Seeing those gas bills are never fun.
I'm willing to wait for a hybrid XC40, in nor hurry and the electric motors in hybrids are supposed to give you more low end torque compared to the average gas engine.
Word from Top Gear says the plug-in hybrid XC40 will launch before this year ends. Exact specs are still hidden, but they're expecting to see an output similar to what the non-hybrid XC40 T5 is already producing and an electric only range of around 20 miles.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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