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Hi guys. New owner in New Jersey. I just got the XC40 in white. Red was my first choice but it was not available. My first Volvo. I had my mind set on a Land Rover Discovery but couldnt get the numbers to work. I have a few minor complaints but one being the back seat is totally not friendly for backseat passengers as far as charging stations.
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Congrats on getting an xc40.
Brave move to get this as your first Volvo as i'm usually skeptical about first time products. Its why i'm on the sidelines for now observing how things unfold.

Did you at least get to test drive one before buying?
I was a bit skeptical myself getting a new model since my previous car was a new model (Jeep Cherokee) and had lots of issues. I really wanted a better quality car and thought for sure i was going to get a Mercedes GLA, but wanted to drive a XC40 to compare and I fell in love with it and drove home with it that day. Unfortunately since it is so new dealers didn't really want to negotiate much on it. I do agree on the backseat could use another USB charging station, not that big of an issues for me, but if you have a couple kids on a long road trip it would be nice if they didn't have to fight over the single USB-C port.
..... it would be nice if they didn't have to fight over the single USB-C port.

Get a splitter.
Congrats on the XC40 and welcome to the forum! If the biggest complain so far is a lack of charge points in the rear, I think Volvo has done pretty well with this new model. Should be too difficult to source an adapter that would allow for more ports.
Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
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