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New owner from Vancouver, BC

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Hello everyone,

I was fortunate to get a call a couple of weeks ago from the dealership where I had an XC40 R-design on order, saying that they had received one, and the person for whom it had been ordered was not going to take it. I was not expecting to take delivery of mine until next February at the earliest, so I dashed down to see it, and bought it that day. It is red with the black roof, fully loaded, and it is spectacular!

It has taken quite a bit of time in the car to learn all of its features, and I’m sure I don’t know them all yet. I had actually forgotten about the foot-waving opening back door, until I saw someone’s post about it! The sensors and backup cameras all seem very good, but I’ve turned off the lane departure system thing, because it was kind of weird - it was fighting me, and I want to decide where to go, not have the car do it for me. I have not yet tried the parking assist. I would like to hear from other people how that is working out for them?

All in all, I’m really happy with my purchase, and I’m looking forward to seeing other peoples’ comments and pictures of their cars as they get them.



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Welcome to the forum! You got really lucky to have scooped one up and who knows what other delays could have been seen for the one you had on order. Are you coming from another Volvo or new to the brand?
This is my first Volvo. I really liked the look of them when they came out, and I was shopping for a new car after owning my Nissan Murano for 3 years. That one was, in my opinion, a very pretty car, but totally different - all long and curvy. And of course, a CVT, so not any sort of driving vehicle, just a commuter, and not bad touring vehicle. Prior to that I had a Highlander Hybrid Limited -again, not fun to drive at all, but safe and loaded with features.

So, after test driving the XC40,and feeling the handling and different driving modes, I knew it was what I wanted. I was really lucky to snag one I think. There are hardly any on the roads around here, so I get a lot of looks from people.

Welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing about your experiences, likes, and dislikes with your XC40. I have ordered the same style you have so I'm really looking forward to getting it (placed my order 4/24/18). Is it a more of any "orangey" red or actually red? Some folks are saying it's not actually red! Thanks in advance for your response and take care!

It is a beautiful red. I would not call it orangey, but it also does not have the blue/purple tones that you see in the dark red Ford color. It is a fairly “true” red, and sparkly. I was surprised by liking it, because red isn’t usually one of my colors, and the one I had ordered was the dark grey, but I love it, and get lots of compliments on it.

When do you expect to take delivery of yours?
Spydergirl, or should I say Twinzee! She is beautiful! Thanks for uploading that photo. You should see the smile on my face right now:grin. I ordered mine through the Volvo Care Service program. I received the VIN# a few weeks ago with an email stating it was departing from Sweden and I should see it by mid November. I just completed the insurance portion of it this week and now just waiting for the Volvo credit portion/paperwork. I really want a XC90 but decided to jump on this program for the XC40 first but I'm hoping that the XC90 is added to Volvo Care program in the near future. Thanks again, you really made my day! Take care, enjoy your day and weekend!
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