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My new XC40

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Hello all,
last Friday got my brand new Crystal White XC40 Inscription T5 AWD.
Fully loaded, with Vision, Convenience and Climate packages, Four-C Chassis, and 20" wheels.
My beloved 2009 C30 T5 suddenly died and I needed car fast. We tried V60 and V90 CC, first is to low for my wife, second is huge. We always liked XC40 and thought about European Delivery next summer. Waiting time for regular delivery here in Toronto about 4-5 month. In stock mostly Momentum and R-Design. Only two Inscriptions were available (somebody canceled). That's why it's white and has 20" wheels, not my first choice. Meantime I'm getting use to the car after C30 and for now I like the car, with all the toys and nannies. From HK sound I expected more (I had Dynaudio), but I can live with it. Also, 20" wheels narrowing choice of tires, and also very expensive. May be will go with 18" winter designated wheels and tires in a future.
Sorry, no pictures, we have a crappy weather rain and gray, will post in a future. Who's interested, here's my configuration of the car with price in Canadian dollars.
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Welcome to the forum Alex and congrats on your car. Always loved the C30 and its a shame that Volvo hasn't decided to reintroduce something similar.
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