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My Care By Volvo Order Update

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I ordered my XC40 Momentum Osmium Gray with Red Leather under Care By Volvo Program on 4/29. On order confirmation page, delivery date was around Mid May-June. But I haven't got any update after that.

Upon reaching out to Volvo customer Care they told, if I haven't heard anything till now, then I should expect car to delivered in 1st quarter of 2019. I just said OK and hung up the phone.

Today I got an email from Volvo Customer Care that they have got an update from the factory and my car will be delivered to my preferred dealer some were in October.
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Some updates and stages during the process

Placed Order - April 29

Got Order ID - April 30

Projected delivery May/June

Requestion Order confirmation - Jun 26

Received VIN - Sept 4

Vehicle Loaded on the Vessel for shipment from their Belgium plant to USA - Sept 24

Requested for Insurance Sign Up - Oct 15

Insurance approved, Requested for My Approval to move forward with credit application - Oct 22
($608+tax(10.3% of 608)+ (678/24)registration charges =$699 for the momentum trim, 63% residual on $42,200 for buyout plus $350 buyout fees)

Received a link to submit my credit approval - Oct 23

Received an email from the dealer that car is still in California port and probably should be arriving at the dealership in a couple of weeks. Target delivery by end of the month or first week of next month

Fingers crossed. Let's see how it goes
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Congrats! I placed my order about 9 days before you (in CA) and got mine mid-Sept because they "found one" in port, else I would have waited until Oct as well. I was a little leery about what "found one" meant, but the concierge confirmed it was one of the earlier ones to arrive and had to wait for state approvals and then the original order was delayed until they released it back to their pool for fulfillment.
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