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My 2022 XC40 recharge was totaled

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My baby was totaled last week by a Bozo reading a text. I miss it already, especially filling a gas tank again. I have both key fobs (1 orange 1 black) for sale as well as the charging cable only used it 4 times (with nema 6-50 adapter) and my fit cam x 4k with rear cam. Make me a decent offer I’m not trying to get rich but I’m also not giving them away either.
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It was deemed a total loss by the insurance company.
I'm so sorry for your loss. That's tragic.

Yes, my insurance agent (State Farm) told me pretty matter-of-factly that these days, if any airbag deploys in a crash it's usually written off as a Total by insurance. That's usually because the force needed to set off the airbag is usually enough to cause enough major damage that it's not worth a body shop fixing it, and also that the cost to replace parts like the airbags are currently through the roof.
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