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Mistaken Teaser Image?

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I really don't think this was an accident as I'm sure they knew what they were doing. But it was reported that this preview image below was uploaded onto the Volvo German website and quickly removed moments later on. But even looking at the photo itself, you can tell that's a manufacturer specifically placed teaser image. It just fits the criteria.

Either way whether it was an accident or not, it was posted and of course publications were all over it.

Definitely can see cues from the XC60 and XC90 from this rear corner section. Needless to say... still don't like the tail lights lol

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I call BS and it wasn't a mistake. It was a teaser specifically put out there. They know publications have eyes out on everything automotive and someone will see it and post it up prompting others to follow suit and blow up the feeds. Tactical marketing is all it is. They already released that teaser video and this just plays hand in hand with it. This is the time when they'll be dropping more teasers to generate the buzz and attention.
When you consider the fact it takes years of development to bring a vehicle to market, questioning why this now reveals a lot. In the end its a cheap strategic way to get some press coverage. The cost to Volvo is nothing.
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