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Love My XC40

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Took possession of my XC40 T5 Rdesign on Nov 10th (White with Black top). Which DRIVE MODE should I use for snow? ROUGH ROAD?
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That is probably your safest bet. Dynamic will exaggerate throttle response a bit. Wish these could be saved to driver profiles.
I have read pros and cons for the XC40. You are going to find negatives in anything vehicle you purchase.... There's "NO" perfect vehicle. I am satisfied with my XC40 RDesign. One happy customer. Thanks Lindsay Volvo!!
100% agree. A lot of the times a good dealership experience can make all the difference when buying a new car. How have you been finding its performance in the snow with the factory rubber?
Would you mind stating what tires you're running for winter?

I love my XC40-P8. So m much power and both front and rear are supplied with motors so should be awesome off road.

Alas nobody I know has played with it off road yet …
I would but I lost one car on a logging road mid winter in the snow once and it put me off trying things :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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