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Technically … this is no different from what I can recall in my Tesla products. You never had a lifetime number but you did get two trip trip meters and two other really nice meters. In the Tesla you get a Trip A/B, then a trip meter from your last “starting” of the car and then one since you last plugged the car in (no matter how much it charged). I really liked those last 2 for trips as they were kinda nice between chargers.

Trip A/B in the Tesla were at least nicer having 2x resettable trip meters, and they could be renamed too. I always renamed one “lifetime” (we’ve had a few tesla) — and the other I would rename as needed. If we were going on a week long road trip I might name it “beach trip” or whatever— and reset it just b4 the trip. Then you could record the data.

But… the “same issue” you’re talking about here. NEVER reset it, so as to get lifetime. So basically our “ T M “ (trip manual) is one of those two… and our “trip auto” is the “since last start” on the Tesla — we’re just missing a 2nd resettable trip meter, and a “since last charge” …. Boo!!

I‘d love to know if there is something else, somewhere else… so I’m following this thread now too ;) :p
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