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Wow, we just brought out XC40 home and spent about 3 hours getting familar with how things worked. First off we couldn't get it to pair with our garage door opener. And after spending 15 minutes trying to get it paired I finally used an opener that I already had paired with that door and used it to pair program the car. Just finding the instructions in the owners manual was fun. I'm old school and used to calling garage door openers by name, not HomeLinks.

Then we had to figure out how to change the speedometer to read MPH. It was set at KM because we'd driven it in Europe and the dealer never changed it over when he they were prepping the car for delivery. Then figuring out the radio, navigation system, etc. Yes, all these things were addressed when we received the car in Sweden (but not this morning at the dealer when we took delivery) but covering everything in a 10 minute presentation and expecting us to remember it 6 weeks later is unrealistic.

We downloaded the Volvo users manual App, and had the owners manual, but it certainly isn't easy finding and following the instructions for each function.

We love the car, and we'll figure everything out eventually (probably with help on this forum and youtube) but it just really shouldn't be this difficult to find instructions. I think they might save 2 or 3 dollars by not having an easy to follow owners manual developed specifically for each model vehicle they sell, and expect everyone to just work everything out through whatever sources they have.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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