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Noticed an interesting key fob behavoir last night and ran it down today.

Lock door with key fob.
OCD out and hit lock door again.
Continue with OCD and hit lock door again (so a few times in a row).

At this point it stops locking.

Give it a few seconds and it will lock again.
After that it ignores the lock requests. Unlock works but you cannot re lock it from the fob. Wife(1) was with me so they used their fob and nope the car would not lock as it sat there unlocked. Opened the door and closed it, Still would not lock. Had to wait a good bit and then it worked again.

If I space out the re lock requests from the fob it works to my OCD heart‘s content.

I am writing this not because this is a serious problem, because it is not. It is not even a problem; in sane use the system is fine. I am writing this because it shows an interesting way the P8 works. Time is factored into things. Do something too often and it gives you a little time out. Then if you do it again, you are timed out for a good while.

This ”adaptive behavoir” might explain some of the other things we noticed. Maybe if a module spits an error once the system is cool but if it does it 3 times it goes into a nope situation where it ignores any attempts to fix it and only time will help. This might explain the car needing a nap sometimes.

This does not in anyway define what is going on in the p8 but it might give a hint.

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I am not an expert, but I think you are over engineering what is happening. Check out paragraph 7 for an electrical circuit that prevents repetitive firing of a solenoid. The Canadian Patent Office Record and Register of Copyrights and Trade Marks

I'm not saying this is what is going on, just that I suspect it's more related to the door locks than the computer. Have you attempted to replicate this behavior on other cars?
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