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Hello All,

It's great to find this Forum! I started looking for a new car 3 weeks ago and within a few days fell in love with the XC40. After a couple of test rides I realized I really wanted all the options in a Momentum and couldn't manage to find one in my area. I had a local sales rep look around for a week with no luck. After I processed my disappointment, I decided to search the dealers within 500 miles and sure enough I turned up a number of options. I ended up buying an Onyx/Charcoal XC40 T5 with all the goodies in the Chicago area at a fair price and they are going to ship it for just $500. The process was time consuming and some dealers didn't even want to, or even refused to deal with a remote buyer especially out of state (I'm in the Cleveland Area); but some were truly happy and eager to help.

I've owned two 240 GL Sedans back in the '90s and each stood out as of my favorite cars for daily driving. I'm so eager to be back in the seat of a Volvo!

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